Nov 04, 2017 - Dec 30, 2017


10:30 am - 11:30 am


$150 for all nine weeks, $20 for individual sessions

Fashion Education 101: Get into the Fashion Industry

Ages 16+


These classes will help you get focused on your personal objectives to break into and make it in the fashion industry.  This nine-week course will meet as a group once per week, with scheduled Face2Face consultations available. Class supplies and materials will be provided, as will a private group chat page to use as the classroom blackboard.

Homework: Homework will be due the following week and will be used to help educate each student for their personal use. The homework lessons that will be given to help each student, are given to help students become knowledgeable about the past and current state of the fashion industry so when pursuing a serious career in the fashion industry, they will be well-versed to seek future collaborations, business endeavors and employment opportunities etc. If homework is not turned in, points will not be deducted. However, please understand this class is designed to help you focus on your desires to know the fashion industry and to eventually make it in the fashion industry. ** Grades will not affect your personal life**

Scheduled Face2face consultation: During this time, I will be available at the Wyoming Library for 1 hour a week (day of the week will be announced) to help students on a more personal level with building their brand. However, time slots will be created and I cannot meet with just one student for the whole hour. This is complimentary for students only. This service is normally $40 an hour.

Course Curriculum

  • Week 1: Fashion Introduction: In this session, we will break down the effect the Industry has on the economy and the different categories of fashion.
  • Week 2: Fashion Fundamentals: In this class, we will focus on fashion terminology and garment construction as well as fabric variation.
  • Week 3: Fashion History I: In this session, we will take a journey on the innovation of fashion beginning from the 1900s until the 1950s.
  • Week 4: Fashion History II: In this session, we will continue our fashion history journey and discuss change in fashion between the 1960s until now.
  • Week 5: Consumer Analysis/Fashion Marketing: In this module, we will focus on your target audience, which in time will be your consumer. In this class, we will discuss how you can meet their need while still being yourself. Also in this session, we will discuss how we ourselves are consumers and how good marketing keeps us wanting to come back for more.
  • Week 6: Branding your Brand I: In this class, we will dive into the notion “you are your brand”. Some may say think who they are has nothing to do with their brand. On the other hand, this class will show you how you are perceived in your personal life is a part of your brand. This session will enable you to focus on how you want yourself and your endeavors to be perceived to the world. (project announced)
  • Week 7: Branding your Brand II: Honing on who you want to reach, how you plan to reach them and how you can build your platform by focusing on your niche.
  • Week 8: Product Development I & II: In the module, we will explore the world of development. Developing your brand/or product. Having the right product, pricing, placement, and promotion are key to understanding how the industry flows. We will also concentrate on who your competitors are, and what makes your brand/product differ from theirs. You will also learn how you advertise your brand, can help or hinder your advancement in the industry.
  • Week 9: Presentation day/ Graduation: This last session, each student will present their project amongst peers (project/presentation due)


Class Size: Maximum of 15 students will be enrolled.

About the Instructor Rebecca Shakespeare-Armstrong
Rebecca Shakespeare-Armstrong is a fashion professional and the owner of RJS Fashion LLC ( Armstrong graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development and a minor in marketing. She has owned her business for 5 years and has seen the difficulties of having a small business and being an entrepreneur. She has also had experience studying aboard and experiencing the impact of fashion in other countries. She’s given fashion presentations at various schools, churches, and organizations.

How to Register: Contact the instructor at (513) 817-0757 or to register. All course fees are due prior to the first day of class.

Scholarship Program: CCAC’s scholarship program was designed to give all children the opportunity to take classes at CCAC. Scholarships are offered quarterly, with application deadlines falling one week prior to the start of each class quarter. Click here to download a scholarship application and important scholarship information.


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