Short Vine
2728 Short Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219, USA


Oct 05, 2021 - Dec 07, 2021


$225 per 10-week session

Preschool Music

Ages 3 – 5

Fall 2021 session cancelled
Tuesdays, 10:30 – 11:15am

All children love nature- so we make nature the starting point for our Cycle of Seasons classes! How do grasshoppers jump? What does a kitten sound like? Movement, singing, and lots of stories help make this the perfect activity for your child aged 3-5 years. Their imaginations and verbal skills are in full bloom- and we capitalize on that! We sing, act out, and even improvise stories and poetry! We use the whole body to explore movements and pathways that will later translate into reading and musical expression! Your tuition includes illustrated listening cards, parent book, 2 digital downloads and 2 CDs, and a cloth pouch.

  • Session: 10 weeks (October 5 – December 7, 2021)
  • Cost: $225 per 10-week session
  • How to Register: Visit musicdanceart.com to register.

About the Instructor: Amy Rucker
Amy is an accomplished music educator with extensive experience in piano accompaniment and instruction, early childhood music, choral music education, and general music for all levels. She excels in any setting, private or group, generating excitement for music while establishing a pathway to music literacy and building on each student’s musical aptitude. Amy provides the perfect combination of music and education skills for connecting with students, establishing a lifelong appreciation and pursuit of music and all arts.

Learn more about Amy at www.amylrucker.com


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