Individual Voice and Group Musicianship Lessons with Mr. Zhou

By Appointment Only

“Let us go singing as far as we go:  The road will be less tedious.” –Virgil

Junbo Zhou believes singing is not only a skill, but also an attitude towards life, a way of thinking, a method to express, and a companion along the journey. Through singing, people discover themselves; through listening, people understand each other: singing brings people together. Based on these beliefs, Junbo’s class won’t only be focusing on singing techniques, but also on keeping and developing student’s passion, discovery and communication. Junbo will work with student’s goal and prepare lessons accordingly.

Junbo also provides Group Basic Musicianship Lessons. Lessons will help children and teens build basic musical knowledge, such as how to read score, rhythm, singing in tune, and hearing, so they can be prepared to learn any instruments in the future. Based on age, Junbo offers Group Basic Musicianship Lesson for Preschoolers, Group Basic Musicianship Lesson for Young School-Aged Children, and Group Basic Musicianship Lesson for Teens.

  • Cost:
    • Individual Voice Lesson: $40/30-minutes or $60/hour
    • Group Musicianship Lesson: $20/30-minutes or $30/hour
  • Session: Ongoing
  • Instructor: Junbo Zhou
  • Class Size: 1 – 3 students in group lessons; 1 student per individual lesson.
  • How to Register: Email to sign up.

About the Instructor: Junbo Zhou
Junbo Zhou, has performed with Opera San Jose, Sarasota Opera, Nickel City Opera. Mr. Zhou’s awards and grants include grants from Atlanta Opera Guild, 3rd prize at the China National Opera Competition, encouragement award at China National Italian Art Song Competition, 1st place at Georgia NATS competition, and the Incentive Award from CCM. He was a young artist at Sherrill Milnes Voice Studio, VOICExperience Orlando Disney, Harrower Summer Program and an apprentice artist at Sarasota Opera. Mr. Zhou received a Master degree in Voice from University of Cincinnati College0Conservatory of Music (CCM) – “one of the leading conservatories in our nation” according to the New York Times – in 2016.

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