Sep 8 – Oct 6


Sea Sprang

About the Exhibit

“Ugly//Healing,” explores themes of othering – whether that be socially or internally inflicted – through the artist’s experience of fatness, of being transgender, and of coping with depression and anxiety. A question the artist is often pondering is, “Will it ever be possible to discern what our ‘true selves’ are from what we have been conditioned to be, or what has been projected upon us?” This has pushed the work in a self reflective direction. Many of the images appear stoic or serene, but are backed by anxious scrawlings or nostalgic collages pertaining to the artist’s past. This work is also meant to normalize the use of the fat figure in painting and drawing, and destigmatize the use of self portraits as a reflective tool. “Ugly//Healing” is intended to be an example of one nuanced and complex experience of being othered.

Opening Reception

September 8, 6 – 8pm


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