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Color Clifton with CCAC:

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  • Pizza Party! — Who’s coming to your next pizza party? What kind of wild toppings might you imagine on your pies?
  • A trip to the movies — Color in the Esquire theatre! Draw a trip to the movies with your friends and family, and design your own movie poster!
  • Invent a new way — A local chili parlor has introduced a new dish, the 10-way! Draw the 8 ingredients between the spaghetti and the cheese!
  • Create your own exhibition — Create works of art to hang in CCAC’s gallery on Short Vine.
  • Ice Cream Social — Draw your favorite people eating your favorite treats! Does your ideal flavor exist or should you invent a new one?
  • Clifton Fest 2050 — What does this annual soiree look like in the future? Imagine what sights, sounds and events might transpire!
  • Wednesdays in the Woods — Summer will be here soon! Color what you look forward to, or highlights from concerts past!

Submit your drawings to CCAC and we will display them!

Scan or take a quick photo of your pages and you can post them and tag us on social media, or you can send them to us directly by e-mail or direct message.




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