Over 400 people of all ages converged on the magnificent gateway of the former McDonald Estate at the end of Wood Avenue on Sunday, October 29, 2006, to get a glimpse of what once was and what is yet to come at the McDonald Carriage House. The Open House was the formal introduction to the public for the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC), and the day proved to be one filled with the energy and enthusiasm that CCAC plans to weave into its future offerings of cultural and arts education and enrichment.

Sculptors and visual artists plied their trade in the upper floor of the Carriage House while outside a weaver passed her shuttle back and forth on a wooden loom. Musical entertainment was provided by Paul Patterson and Sylvia Mitchell of Clifton, Patti Walker on her hammer dulcimer, and the Fairview School Choir. Over a hundred pumpkins were decorated in glossy colors. Hands and faces were painted with Halloween images, and children gathered in groups to weave, print leaves, and play musical games. WGUC awarded a plaque of distinction to Fairview School’s long-time Choir Director Katie Hofmann. In the great space in the center of the ground floor, CCAC Board President Cindy Herrick gave several PowerPoint presentations about the building’s history, renovation plans and costs, and its future use as an arts center.

The sunny and mild autumn day provided an ideal backdrop for attendees to sample the unique experience that is the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. With successful fundraising, the renovation of the Carriage House is slated to begin in spring 2007 and to be completed by late fall 2007. CCAC extends a heartfelt thanks to all the organizations (Clifton Senior Center, Cincinnati Art Academy, Cincinnati Preservation Association, Spring Grove Cemetery, Fairview School, Curbell Plastics, Strata-G Communications, Brutopia, and Ket-Moy Printing), to Barbara Lindsey, and the scores of other individuals who were critical to the success of this event.