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Clifton Cultural Arts Center’s mission is to strengthen the critical link between participation in the cultural arts and successful, healthy children, adults and communities.  Remaining committed to this mission during our era of social distance, CCAC is finding new ways to promote a healthy, vibrant community and to contribute to sustainability of Cincinnati’s rich arts and cultural heritage.

Work currently on display:

Like no one’s watching

Cece Padilla

Like no one’s watching is a multimedia installation piece that adapts to whatever space in which it is shown. Originally created in 2018, this work has now evolved with time as well. In our current context we have had to get creative with how we function in society. How can you carry that change to all aspects of your life?

Run Through

Joey Versoza

I couldn’t get the image out of my mind after reading about it in an article highlighting the aesthetic nature of the start screen in video games. The confusing look of terror, joy, and surprise on Madden’s face as he breaks through the green wall left me laughing to the point of tears for weeks. After looking at it with great joy and hilarity for weeks I found myself thinking about the nature of the green wall John is bursting through, comparing it to the nature of the run through signs I see so often at various sporting events. In wondering what the green wall was or does, I assumed it was this idea that John was breaking through the barrier that held past football video games back from delivering the “real” experience to the players at home, or maybe “breaking the fourth wall.” By combining the original Madden start screen with the form of the run through sign I wanted to create that wall that suggests a break through, but gets suspended in time and never coming to fruition, standing still and lacking a commitment to move through. In that way the sign felt like painting, a field historically celebrated but also rarely inclusive. Why is it that those things we laugh at in the beginning become such brutal realizations in the end?

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