CCAC @ Calhoun Gallery

Work currently on display: Tony Walsh

The photographs currently on display in the window gallery are a selection from a body of work the artist produced in Raghurajpur, a small artisan village on the east coast of India in 2011.

In the artist’s words:

“The rural village has the feeling of a large extended family. People walk around in the morning brushing their teeth. Everyone bathes and washes their clothes in the river. The villages’ 100 houses are tightly packed on two streets. Residents gently guide visitors around cow dung, as they walk. Overhead, coconut palms sway above tangles of electrical wires. Of course, not all is idyllic; the second-class status of women and the caste system are ever present, while electricity and water are scarce. Sewage is nonexistent.

Change is coming. Cell phones are everywhere and ATMs and internet cafes are available in the next village. Raghurajpur longs for the modernization that is changing all of India.

These photographs were made at the tipping point.”

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