Jun 27, 2018 - Aug 08, 2018


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


$120 for 6-week session

Vintage Swing Dance II: Lindy Hop Swing

Ages 16+

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00pm

This class in Eight-Count Lindy Hop Swing will celebrate the posture & style of the dance that evolved on the streets and in the dance halls of Harlem NYC in the 1930’s. Emphasizing the PHYSICS that drive all partnered dance, this class will focus on Lindy Hop Lead & Follow details that cannot be well addressed in common large group classes.

The class will cover the basics of Eight-Count footwork and Lindy Hop’s core pattern, the Swing-Out and its common variations and styling; all taught from the perspective of the PHYSICS that makes the dance happen. Depending on the class background, the class may include a brief history of swing dance to illustrate why this dance style and its African origin make it different from the more common Ballroom and West Coast Swing styles.

Prerequisites are the completion of Swing I, or understanding and experience with Six-Count East Coast Swing. Students who have had a brief introduction or limited experience with Eight-Count Lindy Hop Swing will also benefit from this class.

  • Sessions: 6 weeks (June 27 – August 8, 2018; No class on July 4!)
  • Class Size: 6 – 12 students per class.  A minimum of 6 students must be registered in order for class to run.
  • More Information: NO PARTNER REQUIRED! Look us up on Facebook at “Vintage Swing Dance Incubator” or contact instructor at 513-226-4733.
  • How to Register: To register, email and place “Vintage Swing Dance II” in the subject line of your email.  Class tuition is payable at or before the first class session.

About the Instructor: George Hildebrand (assisted by Cari Moy)
Dancing since the Spring of 2000, George Hildebrand’s range of experience lies solely within the confines of Social Vintage Lindy Hop Swing and its companion dance styles: Six and Eight Count Lindy Hop Swing, Charleston (Lindy and 1920’s Style), Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Blues.

Adopting a detailed teaching style guided by a mission to …

“Teach people how to DANCE … instead of how to PRETEND TO DANCE”

… his methods and approach are different than those offered by low cost, one hour (or less) large group lessons.

George teaches at a slow pace that emphasizes the fundamentals of movement and the physics that drive social vintage swing dancing. By encouraging his students to base their learning on these principals (instead of mere memorized choreography) it prepares them to move on to advance their dancing to an intermediate level and beyond.

The lessons George provides are targeted for those who are SERIOUS about learning how to dance under the universal Lead/Follow method. While FUN will certainly be had, successful participation will require a sincere desire to learn how to dance, careful attention, and PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE.


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