Clifton Cultural Arts Center is listed in CityBeat’s 2007 ‘Best of Cincinnati’ edition (3/28/2007) in the Urban Life section as a Staff Pick for “Best Re-Use of an Old School.” The accolade refers to the Clifton Cultural Arts Center’s plan to renovate the recently vacated Clifton School at Clifton and McAlpin Avenues. The feature reads:


    Clifton Cultural Arts Center will be housed in the old Clifton Elementary School on Clifton Avenue. Instead of becoming yet another office building with blackboard left hanging to give the place “charm,” the community created a nonprofit organization ( that will convert and run the new arts facility.”

Did you know that the vision to perpetuate arts and cultural education at the Clifton School was actually first conceived more than a century ago? The citizens who donated the Clifton School site to the City of Cincinnati before it was completed in 1906 deeded the land with the condition that it be used “to promote the education of youth of both sexes” and to cultivate “a taste for science, literature and the fine arts.” Click here to learn more about the rich history of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center facilities.