Street-by-Street Challenge

Support creative experiences that unite our community — one street at a time!

Wednesdays in the Woods returns June 5, and we need you to team up with your neighbors to raise funds to support these concerts and all of CCAC’s programming.

So what’s the goal? Streets that raise $1,000 or more will host one of the eleven concerts this summer, receiving special recognition and glory in front of friends and rival streets.

Think you can raise even more? Streets that raise $3,000 or more will receive a private block-party concert this fall! That’s right! This year, EVERY STREET could win a block party. Less competition, more camaraderie. Because that’s what Wednesdays in the Woods is about, right?

All funds go directly toward CCAC’s engaging programming like Wednesdays in the Woods, The Golden Ticket, Blast Off Arts, Uptown & Around, Live@, Fiber Sampler, Sunset Salons, Family Workshops, Camper Creations, Art+Tales, Carpool Cinema, Crafts & Cocktails, New Woman, and Saturdays in the Park. That’s a lot of programs!

Current Standings

Clifton Ridge Dr – $0
Evanswood Pl – $258
Gano Ave & Ludlow Wines – $566
Greendale Ave – $1,229
N/W Cliff Aves – $0
Rawson Woods/Farms – $0
Terrace/Howell Aves – $1,206
Warren Ave – $500

Don’t see your street listed? Contact John Leo Muething to set up a new campaign. Or make a donation HERE and leave a comment about what the gift is for.