Tuesday, March 12
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Learn how to needle-felt by creating a felt sculpture of a four-legged animal of your choice. Whether you choose a pet or your favorite wild beast, you will leave with a finished animal, perfect for a gift or special ornament! Bring photos on your phone of front, side, and back views of your animal.
  • Age: Adults and Mature Teens 13+
  • Session: One Time Workshop, meets on March 12, 2024
  • Instructor: Karen Saunders
  • Cost: $55/student
  • Class Size: minimum of 4 students registered to run class; no more than 20 students total
  • Class Location: CCAC’s new home (3412 Clifton Ave)
  • Registration Deadline: March 4, 2024

Karen Saunders
Karen is a multi-disciplinary artist who hopscotched across the Midwest before landing in Cincinnati, where she’s been practicing as an artist and arts educator for almost three decades. She has a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with an emphasis on Ceramics and an MA in Art Education from Miami University at Oxford.

For the better part of 20 years, she has worked with diverse audiences at local institutions, such as the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Kennedy Heights Arts Center, and exhibiting her art at such venues as the Contemporary Arts Center, Canton Art Museum, Richmond Art Museum, and 21c Museum/Hotel.

She routinely works collaboratively with community and artist groups, with one notable example being the Bombshells of Cincinnati, a largely anonymous group of local lady crafters who juxtapose vandalism with the non-threatening nature of fiber art.

Karen is inspired by large-scale projects that might intimidate less resourceful and creative artists. She is ever challenging her own expectations and growing her ongoing practice.